Proud to receive this unsolicited testimonial from another satisfied client following the sale of their beautiful family home on the shores of Newport in the glorious Pittwater area of the Northern Beaches.

‘We needed to sell our property but with bad health in the family we needed an agent we could trust and depend on.

Mark brought just one buyer to our house - the right one! Mark had suggested a price for sale based on his knowledge of waterfront sales.

The price was fair and both parties agreed.

The rest was seamless!

It’s just refreshing after 37 years of dealing with the typical nonsense in the building and property market to find such honesty.

Mark has a different marketing philosophy which works because it is honest and brings both parties together quicker.

We now have Mark and the new purchaser as friends!

We are pleased you found purchasers who have been a pleasure to deal with. We will continue to recommend your services.

We are very happy with the result and only wish we had found Mark years ago.’

Colin and Julee

30 July 2017

Re: Sale Commercial Unit 801/6a Glen Street
Milsons Point NSW 2061

Dear Mark,

You may remember that one of the very first things I told you regarding the sale of my business unit, was that I didn’t like Real Estate Agents.

Well I would like to say that you have totally changed my opinion, you haven’t, I still don’t like Real Estates, however I now have to make one exception, being yourself.

I don’t think I have ever done business with anyone else, ever, who constantly made me feel that they were taking care of my best interests, always. For this especially I would like to thank you, it was refreshing, reassuring and ultimately beneficial to me.

I pride myself in how I conduct myself in business as well as generally in life, I felt very comfortable that you were acting in a manner that I trusted and was always comfortable with.

The price that you achieved for me through your careful, professional and expert approach was above what I expected, so again for this and the whole relationship, I thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Cameron Robinson

Dear Mark

I wanted to write and thank you for the tremendous job you have done for us in both selling property and as a buyer’s agent over the last 12 years.

Your approach is comprehensive, analytical, detailed and thorough. You take it personally to understand all the aspects of the property and how to highlight the unique features that help you get the best possible price

Your analysis is clear and thorough which sets expectation properly while you go about a comprehensive and detailed sales program

The time you spent with potential buyers was impressive as you highlighted key features while addressing any concerns that may arise. You follow up quickly and kept me informed through the whole process which led to outstanding results.

Thank you again Mark. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your web site and with potential clients as you see fit

When you consider the outstanding results you have got for me on waterfront property in Cammeray and Cremorne, our Woollahra town house and farms in New South Wales & Queensland; it’s a testament to your detailed, thoughtful and rigorous approach to understanding value and maximising it for your client.

Kind regards
Leonidas Christianakis
Cambridge Quantum Computing

Dear Mark

As you know, we have had our house on the market for quite a long time.  In fact, you are the 4th Agent that we have used to try and sell our house.   We paid quite a lot in advertising to the other agents and primarily, I think they were advertising themselves to a large extent, particularly one agent.

When we enlisted your help and you said you were not going to advertise, except on the internet, you weren't going to erect a sign out the front nor would you do Open House, we were very pleasantly surprised.  You had sold the house next door to ours about 3 years ago within the first week of it being listed and so we hoped that we might be equally lucky, although we thought it unlikely due to the previous agent's lack of success.

Your approach to the whole selling experience was different to the previous agent's.  You were not just selling the house, you were selling the whole area.  I can now understand why you do NOT do Open House.  It is impossible to spend time with the prospective buyer and sell the entire benefits of the house, along with the location etc when you are not one on one with the buyer.  Other agents were just interested in the numbers they got through the house, whereas you were more interested in who you got through and how you communicated with them.

We thought the way you presented our house on the internet was excellent and we feel sure that buyers were attracted because of that. 

We were most impressed with the time you spent with the person who did buy our house.  I think you spent about 1 1/2 hours initially, showing them the whole area, the schools, village (having a coffee with them), access to railway etc.  And then the bonus, you sold our house within the first week of it being listed.  Very impressive indeed.

Thank you for all that you have done to achieve the exact price that we wanted which was well above anything the other agents had come close to.  Please feel free to use all or part of this as a testimonial if you wish.  We will certainly be recommending you to anyone we know who plans to sell their house.

Lynne and Charles Low